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GK Builders Inc constructs quality homes, offices, and other commercial and agricultural buildings, here in North Central Iowa. GK Builders believes it is unmatched in its ability to deliver quality workmanship to any budget. For GK, Quality means:

GK employs only top-skilled professionals who pride themselves in their craft.

GK designs and builds to last. GK carefully chooses materials for structural integrity and wear-resistant surfaces. GK builds-in skeletal longevity with technologically advanced designs focusing on structural longevity, moisture control, and efficient gas exchange.

Low Maintenance:
GK utilizes the latest structure and sealing technologies to construct buildings with heat loss levels below its competitors and below what was thought possible, even a few years ago. It installs modern temperature control systems, such as geo-thermal, which are the ultimate in mechanical and thermal efficiency.

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Email: service@gkbuilders.com

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GK Builders Inc.
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